A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


F - toggle between controlling Bob and Rob

R - restart the current level

arrow keys to move

up arrow to jump

Cozmo Youtuber     -     Programmer and Artist

IMLXH     -     Music Maker

WebGL isn't available because it failed to upload properly :(

Bob wants to become rainbow, Rob wants to become gray. Make both of their dreams come true! You can interact between the 2 different worlds their in. From moving wooden blocks to Rob to exploding bricks in Bob's world! There's a way to skip the tutorial and Level 1 so try to find it! ;)

About: Im an 11 year old game dev. This was made with IMLXH so check him out! I definitely want to improve the project with my friend, IMLXH and turn it into a full finished game!


Trail of Bob.zip 37 MB
Trail of Bob (x86).zip 34 MB
Trail of Bob (Linux).zip 52 MB

Install instructions

1: Download

2: Extract the zip

3: Double click the .exe (for windows)  or .86_64 (for linux) file and play!

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